Your characters have something important to say. How they say it can be the difference between a book that will touch your readers' hearts and one they forget as soon as they close the pages.  

Dialogue done well is a big part of what brings your characters to life. Done poorly, it can make them sound cardboard and cartoonish. 

Most writers fall between the two extremes. Their dialogue is just...adequate. Which means, while they're not writing badly, they're missing an opportunity to make their books truly stand out. Great dialogue makes great characters shine.

That's what this course is designed to help you do. In it, you'll learn:

  • how dialogue differs from real-world speech
  • how to structure and punctuate dialogue 
  • how to handle dialect and accents
  • how to give your characters distinctive voices
  • how and when to use speech tags for maximum effect
  • how to weave in sensory details, internal monologue, backstory, and exposition
  • how to use subtext to deepen and enrich your story

The course will be delivered LIVE, with weekly lessons beginning on Wednesday, September 7th. It includes interactive video sessions, quizzes, and examples from contemporary bestselling novels to help you transform stilted, awkward, melodramatic, or average dialogue into effective, natural-sounding conversation. 

After the final live session, the replays will remain available for review. At that point, the course will become self-study, but that doesn't mean you'll be on your own. If you get stuck or have questions, you can always email me at [email protected]


Module 1: The Illusion of Speech

Module 2: Just the Basics

Module 3: Weaving In and Fleshing Out

Module 4: Unique Voices

Module 5: Integration and Subtext

About the instructor


Jaden Terrell

Jaden Terrell is a Shamus Award finalist and the author of the internationally published, Nashville-based Jared McKean private detective mysteries. On the other end of the spectrum, she's a proud Mad Catter and the author of TROUBLE MOST FAIRE, a cozy cat mystery. She write a semi-regular series of author interviews for the International Thriller Writers' The Big Thrill online Magazine and is also a contributor to the Killer Nashville Noir anthology and to Now Write! Mysteries, a collection of writing exercises published by Tarcher/Penguin for writers of crime fiction. Terrell is a recipient of several awards for service to the crime writing community, including the 2009 Magnolia Award (Southeast Mystery Writers of America, or SEMWA), the SEMWA 2017 Golden Quill Award, and the 2017 Killer Nashville Builder Award. A former special education teacher with thirty years of experience as a teacher and trainer, Terrell is a writing coach and consultant who also teaches workshops on the craft and business of writing fiction. Contact her at:

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