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For Writers with More Passion than Pocketbook

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Supercharge Your Writing

WANTED: Good writers who want to be great ones, or beginners committed to learning the craft. Join me on a journey to master the art and craft of writing fiction.


Sell Your Books, Not Your Soul

Love to write but hate book marketing and promotion? This self-study course will teach you to build an author platform and connect with readers using your individual strengths and interests. 


Supercharge Your Dialogue

Great dialogue makes great characters shine. Poorly written or merely "adequate" dialogue can make them seem cardboard or cartoonish. This course will help you sharpen your dialogue skills and make your story memorable for all the right reasons.


How to Write a Crime Novel

Get the first draft of your mystery, thriller, or suspense novel finished with this nuts & bolts workshop. Learn practical, step-by-step strategies to take you from idea to completed first draft. A self-study course for pantsers and plotters.